Pharmacy Services

IGA Superpharm Zillmere offers the convenience of a supermarket and pharmacy under the same roof. Our Pharmacists, Pat Hayden, Andy Yip, Yaumud Raza, Nancy Pham and Yan See provide advice 7 days a week.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

IGA Superpharm Zillmere is one of the permanent (year long) pressure station of National Stroke Foundation in Queensland. We offer free blood pressure check up and professional advice throughout the year.

Closing The Gaps (CTG)

Closing the gap (CTG) is a program introduced by the Australian Government aims to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians better manage their health. This program is only available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. By participating in this program, IGA Superpharm offers subsidised medications when a CTG script is presented. PBS medications charges are reduced from the general price (e.g.. $37.70) to the concessional price (i.e. $6.10). For patients who have a current Centrelink, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) concession or a safety net card, all PBS medications are available free of charge. Brand price premium still applies should an original brand is preferred. Over the counter medications and medications that are not under PBS are not currently included in the CTG program and will be charged full price. Contact us for more information.

Diabetes Australia Sub-Agency NDSS

IGA Superpharm Zillmere is a supplier of the National Diabetes Service Scheme. The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is an initiative of the Australian Government, administered by Diabetes Australia. As a supplier of NDSS, the following services are offered to all members of NDSS:
  • Subsidised testing strips for checking blood glucose levels
  • Free insulin syringes and pen-needles (if you require insulin)
  • Information services on managing life with diabetes.

Dose Administration Aid (Webster pack/Nomad pack)

With our dose administration aid service, IGA Superpharm provides assistance to customers with their medications. The medications are packed into a weekly dosette box, for a packing fee of $2.50 per week. This service includes regular confirmation with doctor to ensure all medications are accurate and up-to-date. Some customers are eligible to free packing. Talk to our pharmacists for more details.

Equipment Hire

A range of medical equipments are available for hire in Superpharm. This includes:
  • Arm crutches
  • Blood pressure machine
  • Crushes
  • Nebuliser
  • Tens machine
  • Walking stick

Home Medication Review (HMR)

A Home medication review aims to assist the customer to maximise the benefits of their medication regimen and prevent medication related problems. IGA Superpharm pharmacist will visit our customer at home, review their medication regimen, and provide the general practitioner with a report. Discuss with one of our pharmacists.

Justice of Peace Services

Justice of Peace is available on Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. to certify copies of documents.     

Prior appointment is not required to have a signature witnessed for any statutory declarations, affidavits, enduring powers of attorney or advance health directive.

But land-title documents cannot be witnessed.

Discount of $1.00 on NHS prescriptions co-pay from Jan 1 2016

The new Medicare policy allows us to apply a $1.00 discount to the Medicare Copay. Below is a link to the Medicare web page which lists the allowed prescription prices. 

Medicare NHS Medication Price Schedule 

Where a copay is listed as $38.30,  the $1 discount would be automatically applied  for a net price of $37.30

Where a concession copay is $6.20, the $1 discount would be automatically applied for a net price of $5.20

We expect that the Medicare web page will have sufficient detail for you to check a price and that our cash register docket will list both the Medicare copay amount and the applied discount.


Meds Check

At Superpharm, we understand how important an accurate medication list is. Therefore, we offer to develop a patient medication profile for our customer at no charge. The medication profile should have all the medicines you are taking, including prescription, over-the-counter and complementary medicines. It will also contain specific information about each medicine such as the active ingredient, dose, other available brands, what it is for and how to use it. A picture of the medicine can also be included for easy identification.

QUMAX (Quality Use of Medicines Maximised for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)

QUMAX is a program developed by Department of Health and Ageing, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild) and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO). The program aims to improve health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander that attend participating Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. IGA Superpharm is one of the pharmacies who participate in this program. A QUMAX prescription for a Webster medication pack allows all packing fees to be charged to QUMAX. Contact us for more information.

Safety Net Monitoring

At IGA Superpharm, we can provide assistance in monitoring your safety net limit. Bring your safety net stickers in, and we will add all your scripts together. Do not have all the safety net stickes. Simply tell us where you have your prescription fill and we will collect the safety net report for you. Our staff will keep you up-to-date with your safety net progress.

Script Filing

Have your prescriptions and repeats stored safely in Superpharm. Call ahead to have your medication ready for collection or have them delivered. Conditions may apply.

Special Order

Cannot find the product you are looking for? Ask us about special order service. IGA Superpharm orders from more than 4 major suppliers and we can order in any products as long as our suppliers carry them. Orders will usually arrive the next day but subject to supplier and stock availability.